What is the Best Gasoline for Mercedes Benz?

What is the Best Gasoline for Mercedes Benz?

Choosing the best fuel for any car depends on what type of engine it has. With the Mercedes Benz, you deal with specialized engines that require additional maintenance and attention to keep them functioning effectively.

This automobile is a quality-engineered, precision machine with a high compression engine. Its engine uses higher pre-ignition temperatures designed for a higher-octane fuel. Therefore, the best gasoline for Mercedes Benz engines we recommend is premium unleaded gasoline. As also recommended by its manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz engines particularly require gasoline of 91 octanes or higher.

What is Premium Gasoline?

Premium gasoline has an octane level of 91 or higher, with 91 and 93 octanes being the most usual types of premium gasoline sold at gas stations in the United States. 93 octane gasoline is called "ultra" or "super-premium" in some areas. On the other hand, gasoline with an octane level of 87 is "regular," and gasoline with 89 is frequently called "midgrade" by most gas stations.

The qualifications for premium gas vary by state. So keep an eye out if you're taking a cross-country road trip or crossing state lines. To be called premium, one state may require a minimum octane rating of 92, while others may need 90. Here in the United States, gas stations typically provide three octane grades: regular (usually 87 octanes), mid-grade (usually 89 octanes), and premium (usually 91 or 93). Check the tag on the pump to see which one you're getting.

Fuel or Gas Pumps at Station
Fuel or Gas Pumps at Station

Is the Octane Rating Important?

Remember that the only difference between premium and regular gasoline is the octane rating. The octane rating determines how quickly the fuel will ignite when in your engine. Premium unleaded fuel burns more efficiently than standard or regular unleaded fuel and helps reduce engine "pinging" or "knocking."

Essentially, the higher the octane rating, the better the gasoline burns during the combustion process. And the lower the octane rating of the gas, the faster it burns.

In the engine of your Mercedes-Benz, several sensors precisely time the firing of the cylinders. Unfortunately, low octane fuel causes the pistons to fire too quickly, causing severe and possibly catastrophic engine damage. Considering this scenario, the North Fulton Auto team highly recommends only using high-octane gas in your Mercedes-Benz.

Raising the octane rating (also known as the anti-knock index) of a gallon of gasoline has no impact on its energy content. A higher octane rating indicates more resistance to knock, which is the untimely combustion of the fuel-air mixture that causes cylinder pressure to spike.

When running higher-octane fuel through its injectors, the engine controller can take advantage of enhanced knock threshold and dial in more aggressive timing and higher boost pressures to improve performance.

Benefits of Using Premium Gasoline

When using the recommended fuel type for your Mercedes Benz, you'll:

  • Reduces the risk of damaging your engine;
  • Allows engine to have more excellent resistance to knock, the early combustion of the fuel-air mixture that causes cylinder pressure to spike;
  • Higher octane fuel improves performance and mileage and reduces CO2 emission;
  • Reduces costly repairs caused by using the wrong type of gasoline recommended; and
  • Your Mercedes Benz will perform to its most optimal state.

Premium gasoline is essential for Mercedes-Benz vehicle owners. These engines require cleaner and purer gasoline. Therefore, using anything other than premium fuel in a Mercedes-Benz will result in pre-ignition problems.

Keep Your Mercedes Benz at Optimal Performance

Using the best gasoline for your Mercedes Benz car is the first step toward ensuring your car engine's longevity, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. In addition to using premium gasoline, make sure your Mercedes-Benz is in the hands of trusted technicians who are certified and skilled.

North Fulton Auto Center provides excellent customer service and import auto repair in Roswell and Atlanta, GA. For all your Mercedes Benz solutions, our mechanics will ensure outstanding auto repair. Contact our team of certified technicians for all your automotive needs.

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