Morgan Plus Four Race Car Powered by BMW

The BMW lovers among us cannot help but give Morgan some love. With many of its retro-looking roadster models powered by BMW engines, the British sports car manufacturer has been tied to the German brand for years. Morgan has just unveiled its new Morgan Plus Four, which uses BMW’s B48 four-cylinder engine. Yet, the all-new Morgan Plus Four is even more exciting.

There are currently two of these Morgan Plus Four racecar prototypes with green and white liveries similar to Morgan’s 1962 racer; one has a manual transmission and the other an automatic transmission. It would be hard to tell they weren’t from 1962 just looking at them. Despite their appearance, they’re as modern as a social media sensation.

The Morgan Plus Four racecar is the same flexible architecture as the Morgan Plus Four (internally called CX). The platform can be reconfigured to use typical internal combustion, a hybrid powertrain, or even full electric power. Underneath it might seem old, but it’s still as fresh as ever.

Morgan Four Plus Race Car
Morgan Four Plus Race Car

255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque are still offered by the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine for use in race cars. Automatic cars are faster because they change gears faster and also have a slight advantage in curb weight. All unnecessary pieces have been removed from both vehicles, making them very light. Morgan’s traditional wood is not present in the cabin, and neither are its traditional leather seats. Carpets aren’t present, nor are there any creature comforts of any kind. This is a stripped-out race car with lightweight bucket seats and a roll cage.

Morgan has not released any details about how the chassis and suspension were altered for racing. This time, however, it has semi-slick racing tires from Avon, which maintain the car’s traction.

Even cooler is the fact that it is road legal. The car can be driven out of your garage to the track, lapped as many times as you want, drove home, and parked in the garage all in the same day.

Plus Four race cars are incredibly desirable toys that can be enjoyed on the road as well as on the track and are likely to provide smiles like no other car, even the fastest one. 

There are no drawbacks to owning the Plus Four, which provides the vintage racing appeal without the limitations. It’s not known how much it will cost, but we should expect that it will be quite expensive compared to the standard road car, but it should be worth the cost.

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