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Your Roadside Emergency doesn’t have to be stressful

A roadside emergency can happen to anyone. From a flat tire to serious engine issues that require towing services, a dead battery, or even lost keys, these are all frustrating experiences that literally stop you in your tracks. We understand how difficult it can be to get stuck on the side of the road, so we’ve made it easy for you to receive help anytime, 24/7 day or night.

North Fulton Auto Center is  partnered with TechNet to offer you Roadside Assistance Coverage so you  can get the roadside emergency service you need as well as reimbursement with your qualifying service.

Roadside Assistance - Towing Services in Roswell GA
Annual Coverage
Roadside Assistance - Towing Services in Atlanta GA
Get up to $150 per eligible claim per year
Emergency Roadside Assistance - Towing Services in Roswell
24/7 Roadside Emergency Asssistance


As a customer of North Fulton Auto Center, you automatically qualify for Technet’s roadside assistance reimbursement program if you have visited our repair shop within the last year. The program gives you access to: towing, lock-out assistance, flat tire assistance, fluid delivery, and battery jump start.

We will issue you with an official invoice that you can later use for reimbursement. Maximum reimbursements under this coverage can amount to one-hundred-and-fifty ($150.00) dollars per eligible incident per year.

How do I get roadside Assistance?

Call the TechNet Roadside Assistance Claim Team at 866-924-3668. This is a customer reimbursement program – you may use the service provider of your choice. Once service is complete you can submit your claim via the link to the right – just have a copy of your towing/roadside assistance invoice and also a copy of an invoice from North Fulton Auto Center from the last 365 days.


Please make sure you keep the invoice issued by our team. You need this when claiming your reimbursement. To avail of your reimbursement, download and fill out the Roadside Assistance Claim form. Once filled out, submit your form with the required proof of service documents listed on the form.

You can then submit them electronically via email to

Other submission options are via fax to 1-866-924-3668, or mail to TechNet Customer Care, P.O. Box 17659 Golden, CO 80402

For assistance or if you have any questions concerning a Roadside Assistance Claim please call 1-866-588-0728 option 2.

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